Saturday, June 18, 2005

The Eye of Newt is Upon Durbin!

I don't know why I keep being by galled at the audacity, shamelessness, and hypocrisy of this party! Newt wants Durbin censured? OMG.

A president who is responsible for thousands of deaths? DeLay? Frist? And Durbin should be censured for making an overly dramatic statement? Are you kidding me??!!
“Senator Richard Durbin has dishonored the United States and the entire U.S. Senate. Only by a vote to censure Senator Durbin for his conduct can the U.S. Senate restore its dignity and defend American honor,” Gingrich wrote.

He added, “It’s one thing for one Senator to endanger young Americans and defame America; it would the shame of the Senate if the other 99 Senators did not stand up to defend America and to defend the reputation of our young men and women in uniform.”

Gingrich called Senator Durbin’s comparison “despicable.”


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