Friday, June 10, 2005

Your President is a Liar

I apologize for that kind of talk, but Bush has earned it.
I am mad as hell. I'm spittin' mad. I'm beside myself. I'm so beside myself that I'm looking over at myself thinking, "man, you need to lose some weight." (I try to humor myself when I'm this angry.)

How else can I put this? Here's the deal: When Bush ran for President in 2000, he said that he was concerned with Global Warming, but that it needed more study to determine if in fact existed. As the studies keep piling up, Bush continues to dance around actually admitting that the phenomenon is real, or that we should be doing anything about it.
But as much as that's reason to be angry, that's not what I'm mad about. No, your President has done something far more shameful than that. What your President did is to hire Philip Cooney to take Scientific reports and water them down. If they sounded conclusive about Global Warming, he made them far less conclusive. If the findings sounded dire, he made them sound less dire.
You're wondering what kind of a bought-n-paid-for scientist would threaten his credibility by such behavior? A scientist didn't. Philip Cooney was a lobbyist for the oil industry "once led the oil industry's fight against limits on greenhouse gases." This article goes into more detail about the shameful person who your President employed to alter scientific documents to change the tone. This allowed Bush to continue skating for several more years because the evidence wasn't conclusive. In fact, just this week in a press conference with Tony Blair, Bush called for more study.
What, pray tell, has he been doing over the last five years? it's one thing to be catty and deceptive and maybe even employ someone to water down scientific reports. But what, in the final analysis, is the upshot here? Bush is mortgaging your kids' future. He's not interested in scientific reports which tell him what he doesn't want to hear (kind of like the intelligence reports which didn't suggest WMD).
This man is beyond shameful. He doesn't so much deserve impeachment as imprisonment.
And the liberal media: where are they in all this?


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The liberal media, a misnomer is there ever was one, is asleep at the wheel.

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