Thursday, February 23, 2006

Never Been To a Peace March? Here's Your Chance:

This Saturday in Fredericksburg the Texas Hill Country Peace Movement is marching at the Gillespie County Courthouse grounds to mark the somber occasion of our invasion of Iraq nearly three years ago. The march begins at noon and ends at 1pm.

You'll meet lots of people like yourself, and guaranteed, some not at all like yourself. And that's a good thing. This is not an anti-military march, but an anti-war one. Your passion is welcome, but if you have hate, please leave that hate at home.

--If you're a patriotic American, you're more than welcome to come to the march.
--If you want to see how it feels to publicly say what you've been saying in private, you really should come.
--If you want to personally discover one of the outstanding things that still makes America great, come and disagree publicly with the powers that be, and live to tell the tale.

You can't really claim you're a free American unless you exercise that freedom.

So exercise it. The Texas Hill Country Peace Movement is affiliated with the Texans for Peace. Their web site is here.


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