Friday, February 17, 2006

Rick Bolanos for 23rd Congressional District

From Rick Bolanos:

We just returned from Washington DC, where Vietnam Veteran Rick Bolanos was very warmly received and applauded. Rick’s message, along with that of other Vietnam and Iraqi War veterans, candidates to The US Congress, at a gathering sponsored by VETPAC was carried live and then re-run several times around the world by C-SPAN. Most of the candidates highlighted their decision to run as being motivated by the need to correct the current wave of political corruption which has turned our great country into the laughing stock among every other nation world-wide.

As a Vietnam veteran and as a concerned and disgusted American citizen, I ask for your support in helping bring forth desperately-needed change for the better in the 23rd Congressional Districts. Rick and his three brothers valiantly answered our country’s call to arms and all four fought in Vietnam at the same time for their and our country. Now Rick is once again answering our troubled country’s call, to fight the-enemy-from-within which through greed and corruption is tearing at the very fabric of our Democracy. He will fight to restore dignity, honesty, transparency and accountability to our government, which so many brave soldiers have sacrificed their lives for. We need to immediately stop the exportation of American jobs so that American workers can continue to properly provide for their families; Bolanos is the right person for the job. He and other veteran candidates have shown their willingness and ability to lay their lives on the line for our freedom. In my book, he is a proven leader who has earned our trust, and our vote.

Our working families, including school teachers, police officers and firemen, farmers, small business owners, construction workers and so many others are desperately in need of affordable health insurance and medication. As an educator Rick Bolanos understands the frustration of our teachers in trying to comply with federally-directed but un-funded mandates, such as the “NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND” disaster. Adequate funding for much-needed health care for our senior citizens and our children needs to be restored. The ridiculous and reckless budget cuts which adversely affect the education of our children, the health care of our combat troops and our veterans, being rubber-stamped by present congressmen must be reversed. Funding for our brave combat troops and for our veterans must be mandatory and not discretionary. How dare we send our brave troops (your son or daughter, mother, father or neighbor) into combat, without adequate life-saving protective gear or weaponry? This grave mistake would not be made by any leader with military experience, or by someone with even minimal concern for the lives of our American soldiers.


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