Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Today's news

Bush reappoints overseas broadcast chief
President Bush on Tuesday renominated the chairman of the agency that directs U.S. overseas broadcasts even though the nomination has been stalled in the Senate amid allegations of misconduct.

Tom DeLay: Nancy Pelosi Refused To Have A Slave "Mindset" When She Was In The Minority | The Huff - Huffington Post
On Tuesday, Fmr Republican Majority Leader Tom DeLay told the audience at the Time magazine Person of the Year luncheon and panel that he thinks soon to be House Speaker Nancy Pelosi deserves to be awarded the magazine's cover and title this year. DeLay's reason for nominating her included a metaphor on Washington, plantations and the slave mentality. Read what DeLay said below, since he manages to explain it best.

"I'm going to shock you on two levels. One is I think the real Person of the Year ought to be Nancy Pelosi....I think it's unfortunate that you said I created the culture in Washington. The Democrats, when they lost power, it was like, as John said, it was like losing your plantation - they refused to work with the Republican majority. Back in the good old days they always talk about the Republican minority mindset like the slaves of the plantation and as long as they kept that, the Democrats, they all got along. It's when things got up and changed that we all got more partisan. Nancy Pelosi, I have to give her credit."

Gallup: Obama Now Posing Threat to Hillary in 2008 -- Giuliani Leads McCain on GOP Side - Editor and Publisher/
After a whirlwind political campaign and press tour riding a bestselling book, Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois now trails Sen. Hillary Clinton by only 12% among Democratic voters (and Democratic-leaning independents) as their choice for president in 2008, in a new Gallup poll.

As Bush Goes To Vietnam, White House Website Displays The Wrong Flag Think Progress
Today, President Bush visits Vietnam for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, “looking to burnish his foreign-policy credentials.” He’s off to a miserable start.

FOX NEWS INTERNAL MEMO: "Be On The Lookout For Any Statements From The Iraqi Insurgents...Thrilled At The Prospect Of A Dem Controlled Congress"Huffington Post


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