Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Bush says he will balance the budget

Laughable initially until you really look under the surface of his comments, found on

"In February, Bush will submit a proposal to balance the federal budget by 2012, he said Wednesday.

The plan will make defense against terrorism a budget priority while preserving tax cuts that Bush said have led to an improving economy.

Lawmakers must then tackle entitlement programs, Bush said.

"We need to reform Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid so future generations of Americans can benefit from these vital programs without bankrupting our country," he said.

Line-item veto power would be a key tool in entitlement reform, Bush said, because money that could be used there is now wasted in a "secretive process" that often doesn't ever face a vote in Congress."

So hold on to your hats, and hope the Dems will save medicare, medicaid and social security. Get ready to march in the streets -- gray power of the boomers!


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