Saturday, January 20, 2007

Iraq is Not Delightful

From Huffpo (Huffington Post)
Bob Cesca: Iraq Is Not Delightful, Mr. President
After last weekend's 60 Minutes interview, I thought perhaps someone somewhere in Washington would inform our chief executive that grinning like a mental patient might not be the best way to express concern over the violence in Iraq. And if someone did in fact mention it to him, he didn't listen. Or he forgot. On PBS's NewsHour, he was doing it again. A lot. But unlike the sly, giggly grinning before, the NewsHour expressions more closely resemble a man who just finished watching a litter of puppies being fed ice cream by floating babies dressed in sunflower costumes.

Bob Cesca's article may be very biting, but it's true. To me it is apparent that our Fearless Leader is a bit psychotic or at the very least delusional. Totally clueless about anything serious and only concerned with his big plans to continue to be the world's biggest bully.


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