Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Buzzflash gives Gallegos of Tx "Wings of Justice" award

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram recently noted that BuzzFlash.com had awarded its weekly "Wings of Justice Award" to a Texas State Senator:

State Sen. Mario Gallegos was recently honored for his efforts to help scuttle a bill that would have made voters show official identification at the polls.

Gallegos, D-Houston, had missed much of the 2007 legislative session while recovering from liver-transplant surgery. But in the waning days of the session, he brushed aside doctors' orders to attend the session's final days -- to make sure the voter ID bill didn't get through.

The liberal Web site BuzzFlash.com gave Gallegos its "Wings of Justice" award for his efforts.

"Because of the devotion of Mario Gallegos to democracy, the legislative clock ran out on the dastardly Texas Republicans," BuzzFlash said in its tribute.

Actually, as we noted in our "Wings of Justice Award" citation last week, Gallegos, at times, needed a hospital bed to recover on. It was temporarily placed next to the Texas senate chambers, until he was assured that the Republicans couldn’t pass the "Jim Crow" voter ID law that is so near and dear to Karl Rove’s plans for stealing in the election for the GOP in 2008.

For more go to Buzzflash.com.


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