Sunday, July 15, 2007

Glen Peterson has passed on

Long time Boerne Democrat Glen Peterson left us early on the morning of July 15th after a long illness.

Glen was a big man, in every respect of the word. He had one of those huge, old-school sounding voices that seemed to come from a deep, cavernous place. That voice was so deep and resonated so broadly, that I expect he was incapable of whispering.

My most vivid memory of Glen was spending a very long 12+ hour day with him at the precinct 10 polling station out at the Welfare schoolhouse. I'd been around him for years, but it wasn't 'til talking with him so much that day that I found out he was originally from my home town of San Angelo.

Glen brought to that quaint old schoolhouse a laptop computer that played DVD's, and when it was slow--it was slow a lot that day--he played old black-n-white westerns on that computer. Talk about a guy who straddled a couple of eras...

Democrats are on the rise here now, but there was a time when we were nearly an endangered species. Even in those darkest days, Glen was proud of his left-leaning politics. His rear bumpers were festooned with silver-haired legislature stickers, as well as whoever was currently scheduled to lose the Gubenatorial race for the Democrats. He was never shy or in the least retiring, even in a time when many around here proclaimed their Democrat-ness only in the voting booth. He always lent the corner of his property on Ranger Creek Road for Democratic political signs, never ever apologizing for his politics.

You're welcome to post in response your thoughts and wishes to his wife LaVerne.


Blogger progressivegrannie said...

What a beautiful rememberance of Glen! I will always remember him as a loud, opinionated, and challenging man (in a good way). He was really good at ribbing a person, and at breaking the ice, when you did not know him well. When I met first met Glen, guess what? He immediately had me laughing at myself.
Men like Glen are fewer and fewer in number, and we will miss their boisterious voices and love of life, and most of all their sense of fairness, and their love of our nation, and what it could be. Men like Glen tried to steer our nation toward the common good, and often succeeded.

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