Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It's too early to be sure, but.............

From Political Wire yesterday:

Electorate Shifts Towards Democrats
In a new strategy memo, Stan Greenberg looks at four months of polling data and sees "big changes that have an enduring quality" that will shape the 2008 presidential race.

Key takeaways:

* The "opinion elite" in the country -- those with a college education and earning more than $75,000 -- support a Democratic presidential candidate by an 11 point margin.
* Independents have defected from Republican candidates and now support a Democrat for president by 19 points.
* Young voters are breaking to Democrats with landslide margins.
* Married women -- a key swing vote -- are breaking marginally for the Democrats this year after swinging strongly for the Republicans in 2004.
* Unmarried women -- a key bloc of "base" voters for Democrats -- pick the Democratic candidate by two to one margin.


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