Monday, August 27, 2007

Why Did Alberto Gonzalez Resign?

Progressivegrannie posted an excellent article below...but I thought I would just take it to its basic components and give you the REAL reason Gonzalez left: you. You and a hundred thousand others saying "Enough is enough!"

"Don't condone torture!"

"Don't give our enemies reasons to murder our captured soldiers!"

"Don't mess with our Constitution!"

The catcalls turned to a chorus, to a roar, and to a crescendo that was hard, even for the tin-eared Bush administration to ignore. And whether Gonzalez left to avoid more questioning, or if it was to avoid embarrassment for his mentor Bush, or the same for himself...the only reason that Gonzalez would ever even consider quitting is because Americans spoke out. It took one helluva lot longer than it should have...but eventually we got what we wanted. Eventually, we got what we deserved. We need to continue to be connected, to demand better of those who are, after all, our public servants.

This is a big victory for Democrats, but an even bigger victory for Americans as a whole. Celebrate! Then steel yourself up for the next fight. Because you damned well know there will be a next one.


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