Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It's County Convention Time!

It's come down to this...Saturday morning at 10 at the Fabra Elementary Cafeteria on Johns Road, you can see Democracy in action! The Kendall County Democrats will meet to decide the fate of the county's delegation--who's going to Austin for the convention?--and of course, a number of resolutions.

Warning: It might be a bit like watching sausage being made...a little unsettling, perhaps a tad nauseating...but no one said Democracy was a lip-sticked, botox'd beauty contest winner, now did they? Democracy's not a hothouse flower, but a beautiful Xeriscape toughy, built for drought as well as rain.

Challenge yourself. Come. Be a part of the action!

Also do this: play by the rules. Be kind to your neighbor and the favor will likely be returned.

And whether you're all about Obama or Hell-bent for Hillary, know this: we need one of 'em in the White House, and not Bush, phase II (McCain). May the best man--or woman--win!


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