Tuesday, May 13, 2008

This is L-O-N-G past noting:

This blog is 3 or more years old. Over a good portion of that time, myself and others have lamented how slow Americans have been to conclude that the President was doing an awful job. Well, they've come 'round. At this writing, roughly 2 of 3 Americans think Bush is off track, and heading in the wrong direction. On some specific issues, his numbers are far worse.

This isn't about wetting your finger, sticking it up and seeing which way the wind blows. This isn't about moral relativism. This isn't about making decisions per the polls.

This is about the fact that Bush isn't representing America's views anymore. This is about the fact that the Republican party is out of touch with the vast majority of Americans. This is about the fact that their run at the top is near its end.

Well...almost. There's one major hurdle to clear, and it's no small one: getting a Democrat elected this fall. Do your part. Get it done. This is too important.


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