Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Is McCain Losing His Charm?

Yes, according to Sridhar Pappu of The Washington Independent. It sounds like he can no longer call the press 'his base'. Of course, the Independent is on-line and is not the only web-only news carrier to honestly cover McCain. I wonder when we'll begin to read articles like this in the mainstream press.
At least the truth of one his ads is finally being questioned by a noted tv journalist.
Of particular interest are the comments following the column. One, posted yesterday by 'charleyjames' I found especially interesting and full of information. I had known that McCain was near the bottom of his Naval Academy class, but not that other prisoners at the Hanoi Hilton had given him the derisive self-explanitory nickname "Songbird".
And just think, in 2000 he was considered one of the few honest guys in the Republican Party.


Blogger progressivegrannie said...

Are "charleyjames" statements verifiable anywhere? That would be helpful to know.

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