Sunday, September 07, 2008

Saturday Sept. 6, meet the candidates

The candidates that spoke at Boerne Middle School were (name/position running for):
Rick Noriega, US Senate
Mark Thompson, Railroad Commissioner
Dan Boone, District 73, House
Gwen King, Kendall County Tax Collector/Assessor
Judge Jim Jordan, Texas Supreme Court, Chief Justice
Sam Houston, Texas Supreme Court, Place 7
Judge Linda Yanez, Texas Supreme Court, Place 8
Susan Strawn, Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 3
Judge JR Molina, Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 4
Judge Catherine Stone, Justice, Fourth Court of Appeals

Each candidate spoke about why they were running and gave a bit of information on their backgrounds. So many very interesting stories, that I am not sure I can keep them straight. I would suggest that you, the reader, go to each candidates' website to get fully informed.

All I can saw about those running for Supreme Court and the Court of Criminal Appeals is that they are all incredibly well prepared, have a variety of experiences that will add to their abilities to render well considered opinions. After all, the Supreme Court of the State of Texas is currently all Republican, so there is no opposing point of view, something that is essential to keeping Texas law fair for all its citizens.

The one thing that was new to me was the job of Railroad Commissioner. I came to Texas as a college student and therefore I never had any Texas history. I was interested to find out that the job of RR Commissioner was a result of the RR companies basically screwing Texans, and it was a way for Texans to fight back. Now, the job is related to energy -- oil and gas, and wind power. Needless to say, often the persons in this job are beholden to the energy industry. What got my attention was Mark Thompson's passion about stopping poor installation of gas lines in homes. Evidently, construction techniques in Texas allow installation of gas lines with PVC pipes, as far as I could understand. So, when foundations shift, gas leaks occur, and houses blow up, injuring and killing the occupants. He wants to change the laws so this type of incident can be prevented. We had a home blow up behind our house several years ago, and that's why this subject is so close to my heart. In addition, he wants to make sure the job of RR Commissioner is no longer beholden to the oil and gas industry and instead serves all Texans.

My photos the event are too dark (mostly). I will post what photos I have that are fit to post.

Col. Rick Noriega

It was my pleasure to meet Col. Noriega, a fellow U.S. Army Reservist, who has served in Afghanistan, and many other honorable duty stations. Unlike Col. Noriega, my only "war" was Panama, when I served at Ft. Bragg, but while on assignment at Ft Bragg I developed a great love of the men and women of the 82nd Airborne. Col. Noriega will be an great asset to the Veterans of Texas as he fights for the rights of Veterans of our entire nation, when he is the next Senator of Texas!

Photos of me and of Brian with Col. Noriega:


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Rick Noriega on Energy! Check it out!

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