Saturday, October 25, 2008

Obama sucks yelled at us today

Yes, my grandchildren, Xavier and Ariana helped me man the HQ today and as we stood on the front porch of the building talking about pumpkins in the pumpkin patch across the street, 3 young people who were walking by yelled "Obama sucks." My grandchildren were shocked, and wanted to know why somebody would say something that rude. As Ariana put it, "that just rude, why would they be so rude?" Xavier wanted to know why people would be that mean, because, in his 7 yr old mind, as he stated, "shouldn't you just disagree?, why do you have to be mean?"

I had to work to give him an answer, and I could not come up with a good answer, actually. You have to agree...why can't we just disagree, why DO we have to be mean?

From a child's lips to God's ears.


Blogger curlytop said...

Some of the people I've called to remind about early voting have turned out to be Republicans who voted in our primary in order to make mischief. Some of the things they've said to me have been unprintable. I agree with the grandkids. Why can't people just choose to disagree without being disagreeable?

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