Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Healthcare is my passion, and Daschle will bring us change

Progressive Solutions to America's Health-Care Crisis
Sen. Tom Daschle
Posted March 3, 2008

Pressure has mounted to fix our broken health-care system. Costs are climbing and coverage crumbling. Democratic presidential hopefuls, and Republicans to a lesser degree, have put forward plans for solving this crisis. Yet, health-care policy remains complicated, personal, and encrusted with special interests. Support and solid plans alone will not yield success.

There are three fundamental problems plaguing our health-care system today: skyrocketing costs, lack of access, and disparity of quality care.
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Healthcare is a critical issue, and as more and more people are unable to access care, we need to address this issue. I feel that Sen. Daschle is the right man for the job as the head of Health and Human Resources. This shows that Obama has really put healthcare as a top priority.


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