Sunday, May 22, 2005

No More Fantastic Future

It suddenly occurred to me tonight as I was watching a futuristic commercial for sunglasses, that those visions of cool gadgets and modern cars and buildings are rapidly fading from our imaginations. Can you really see this administration doing anything futuristic? We're going back to the Dark Ages faster than you can say Judy Jetson! It made me sad as I realized that I'll never get to drive a flying car that drops me off at my 100th-story apartment. Thanks a lot, you right-wing wackos! You're finally transforming science into just science fiction!


Blogger VTexan said...

When I was a kid, I thought the future held such promise and adventure, all fueled by science-driven progress. I felt that mankind in general was on an incline, and that we were always moving upward, towards a smarter world.

I don’t have that sense anymore. With a president questions global warming after so much evidence that proves it, a majority leader in the senate who diagnoses Terry Schiavo by watching a videotape, when I see right wingnuts who want creationism in school instead of science-based explanations succeeding in their efforts…it makes me think mankind’s incline has leveled out and is now on the decline.

I’d love to be proven wrong though…

10:29 AM  

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