Thursday, June 02, 2005

Air America on KRPT?

Not sure what this means:

Akron, OH - WJMP 1520 AM

Ann Arbor, MI - WLBY 1290 AM

Austin, TX - KOKE 1600 AM

Chicago, IL - WCPT 850 AM

Cincinnati, OH - WCKY 1530 AM

Cleveland, OH - WTAM 1100 AM

Columbus, OH - WTPG 1230 AM

Corpus Christi, TX - KCCT 1150 AM

Dallas, TX - KXEB 910 AM

Davenport, IA - WKBF 1270 AM

Detroit, MI - WDTW 1310 AM

Madison, WI - WXXM 92.1 FM

Memphis, TN - WWTQ 680 AM

Minneapolis, MN - KTNF 950 AM

Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN - WWWI 1270 AM

Petoskey, MI - WWKK 750 AM

San Antonio, TX - KRPT 92.5 FM

Youngstown, OH - WANR 'The Pulse' 1570 AM


Blogger progressivegrannie said...

There is a station that you can find in that range, but I did not know it was Air America. The problem is, you have to be in SA, then hand tune your radio in that direction and once you get it tuned it then save it to the radio memory. It's have to be on IH 10 near DeZavala or Wurzbach in my experience to get it tuned in. Then believe me, you won't hear it past Leon Springs on the way home. I am not sure what it is....if someone can tune it in, perhaps they can tell us.
Best bet..XM Radio.

8:22 PM  
Blogger Madmomma said...

Hey PG,
If you're tuned in to 92.5, that's called Progressive Talk Radio (by Clear Channel). If you're listening to AM 1600, that's Air America from Pflugerville. But just very recently on Air America's website, they have 92.5 listed as one of their new stations. I emailed Clear Channel and they said that was wrong... but maybe there's something in the works?

5:12 AM  

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