Sunday, June 05, 2005

No Weenies Allowed!

Once again, our own Dem leaders have attacked the words of Howard Dean. It galls me to read that they think Dean doesn't represent the party. I beg to differ! I think he is the voice of millions of angry Americans who are tired of being kicked around by right-wing bullies. I've written to Sen. Biden and expressed my dismay. You can also contact him and tell him how you feel.


Blogger VTexan said...

Joe Biden has been really smart and tough at times...and at others--like this one--he's playing into Republican hands. Republicans have for years pointed to the Democrats and called them wimpy and not assertive and that they don't stand for anything. Dean comes along explicitly detailing what he stands for, inspiring many of us because he's a Democrat who is saying what many of us are thinking, and it makes those middle of the roaders uncomfortable.


I think the current administration is steering this country towards disaster and I'm glad that finally someone is calling it for what it is.

There's a bumper sticker that's applicable here, and I say this to Biden and the rest:
Lead, Follow, or get the hell out of the way!

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