Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Ed Klein didn't know what hit him!

The author of the horribly obnoxious book about Hillary got bitch slapped by Joe Conason and Al Franken last Friday, and here's the audio clip! Please click the link below Al's show and enjoy hearing a man being exposed for the a-hole that he is. It's quite satisfying.


Blogger VTexan said...

There is a lesson here: we on the left don’t have to make up anything that didn’t happen in order to look good.
All we have to do is use our noggins.
Pay attention.
Record what they’re saying.
Play it back on the air.
Ask them about their words.
Franken is one of the best at this.

If we do all these things, we will look reasonable and intelligent, and they’ll look like what they are—a cynical band of pretty insidious folks who will do or say anything to get and keep power. There’s a lesson in this for all of us…

12:06 PM  

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