Thursday, June 30, 2005

Progressive movie afternoon

Progressive Movie afternoon house party sponsored in part by

Where: Tarasoff home
When: 11 Jul 02:00 PM

Movie to be announced. We are looking for a copy of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington at this time.

Host: progressivegrannie

Event URL:

Soda, ice tea and popcorn provided. If you prefer something else please bring it along.

Handicap accessible location.


Blogger VTexan said...

Great idea.

Funny (short) story. I used to work with Henry Bonilla when he was still in the TV bidness. Just after he got elected to the House I asked him to do one thing: "Henry, go out and rent a copy of 'Mr. Smith Goes To Washington.'"

"That's my all-time favorite movie!" he said. "I love that movie!"

Unfortunately, he forgot every good point in that movie once he moved inside the beltway. So it goes...

4:16 PM  

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