Sunday, July 10, 2005

A Rovian Sunday Morning

Newsweek links Rove to the Plame outing. Let's see if we can shake up our neighbors and get them to understand that their beloved administration committed treason.
July 18 issue - It was 11:07 on a Friday morning, July 11, 2003, and Time magazine correspondent Matt Cooper was tapping out an e-mail to his bureau chief, Michael Duffy. "Subject: Rove/P&C," (for personal and confidential), Cooper began. "Spoke to Rove on double super secret background for about two mins before he went on vacation..." Cooper proceeded to spell out some guidance on a story that was beginning to roil Washington. He finished, "please don't source this to rove or even WH [White House]" and suggested another reporter check with the CIA.


Blogger VTexan said...

A smoking gun perhaps? Hell, I've asked that question a half a dozen times in the last 3 or 4 years for the various scandals and too-weird-for-words things that have emerged out of this administration. Maybe this is finally it!

6:36 AM  

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