Sunday, February 26, 2006

Happy Anniversary to the Blog!

I just noticed that we missed our one-year anniversary of starting this blog. We went online February 15, 2005, and because of the great contributors and the wonderful readers, it's been a fun ride. Let's make sure we keep up the momentum.

I would like to thank Progressive Grannie, Jackie, VTexan, and Wild Horse Annie for your help with this. You have so eloquently and consistently filled in the gaps when my participation was noticeably lacking. It makes me glad to be among such wonderful Democrats!


Blogger VTexan said...

Happy Birthday to us!
When blogs appear and then disappear as quickly as a south Texas rain, it's nice to see that our blog has made it for an entire year, and continues to be a viable and interesting conduit for information.

(this is where we slap one another's backs, say nice things, and make a margarita toast)

5:35 PM  

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