Friday, February 03, 2006

Look at the Texas branch of the Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers to Gather in Washington on Feb. 8
In response to the Swift-Boat attack on Rep. Murtha, Band of Brothers 2006, along with VETPAC, has organized an event to take place on February 8, 2006. This will be the largest event of its kind in recent history. Not since 1946 have so many veterans come together as candidates for one political party. We already have commitments from over half of our candidates to come to Washington D.C., rally around Rep. Murtha, and lay the groundwork for a populist reform movement that will oust the integrity-challenged GOP leadership in our Congress. We will release more details about the upcoming event in the days to come and hope that many of you will be able to attend.

Look who is going from Texas!

TX-21: John Courage
John Courage’s name embodies what Texans in District 21 are looking for in their next congressman - the courage to insist that their mainstream values, and not just Tom DeLay’s, be represented in Washington; the courage to stand with ordinary Texas families and small businesses against the corporate special interests; the courage to rekindle that faith they once had in government to be a force for positive change in their daily lives.

TX-23: Rick Bolanos
Rick and his three brothers all served in Viet Nam at the same time, the only four brothers to do so. LBJ recognized them for their service as did the Texas Legislature in the recent session. Active in both Democratic and veterans affairs, Rick is a strong candidate to take on former news talking head and DeLay rubberstamp Henry Bonilla.

Rick is obviously strong on Veterans issues, but that is only the start of his concerns with the direction of this country today.


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