Sunday, October 01, 2006

What a week!

Our nation now allows torture, and repealed habeas corpus rights.
Torture bill Did you hear anything about this on the talking head shows today? Nope. Not a peep. See, you don't educate people about the consitution and they won't know when their rights are being taken away. Add more TAKS tests! Teach less!

Sen. Foley was noted as being "overly friendly" to teenage aides. But worse yet, Speaker Hastert and several GOP leaders KNEW about this for months!

Then the morons vote to build a fence along the Mexican border! Oh man we must be afraid, very afraid of the brown people...oh also the Muslim people, and people who look middle eastern. Never mind the fact that all Muslims are not middle eastern.

Those Mexicans are taking our jobs and using our emergency rooms, blah, blah, and more bullshit. On which border did we catch a terrorist suspect with explosives in his vehicle? It wasn't Mexico! But, are Canadian brethern are seen as all white folks (erroneously), and so they are ok, they only take skilled jobs here and best of all they speak English. Yes, this is what I hear at work from my right wing co-workers who have drunk the Kool aid and worship at Bush the cult leader's feet.

I think I need to go bury my head in an Elizabeth Peters novel, and give my brain a break! This has to be how it happened in Germany...people just did not pay attention or were too afraid to speak up. Where in the hell are we going? It can't be good.


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