Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Collapse of the Bush Administration

Time magazine's Joe Klein has written an account of the collapse of the current administration, stating that this is a much bigger story than the recent Congressional takeover by the Democrats. Klein attributes this collapse to three events in 2007: The 'surge' in Iraq, the Walter Reed Army Medical Center scandal and the firing of the eight U.S. Attorneys for political reasons.
He ends his wonderful article with this paragraph:
"When Bush came to office--installed by the Supreme Court after receiving fewer votes than Al Gore--I speculated that the new President would have to govern in a bipartisan manner to be successful. He chose the opposite path, and his hyper-partisanship has proved to be a travesty of governance and a comprehensive failure. I've tried to be respectful of the man and the office, but the three defining sins of the Bush Administration--arrogance, incompetence, cynicism--are congenital: they're part of his personality. They're not likely to change. And it is increasingly difficult to imagine yet another two years of slow bleed with a leader so clearly unfit to lead.
Read the whole story here.


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