Monday, April 02, 2007

Bush buys property in Paraguay

The United States alleges that they have no plans for establishing military bases in Paraguay. Of course, they said they had no plans to establish military bases in Iraq. Not only are the locals concerned about the military taking up residence, there are substantial rumors that the Bush family has purchased land in Paraguay. News of George W. Bush purchasing 98,840 acres of land in the Chaco area of Paraguay was reported in Prensa Latino, the Latin American News Agency on October 18, 2006.

more about Paraguay

more from Wonkette

And more from Argentine newspaper which you can translate using babelfish. Basically, what it says is that the land the Bush family bought contains the largest water resource on the planet, is next to the Bolivian border and strategically located militarily.

Nothing like retiring to South America like the Nazis. Wonder what the extradition treaties are like? Hmmmmm. Guess they don't want him in Dubai, which has no extradition treaties with the US.


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