Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Senate all nighter

Currently Sen. Lieberman is speaking. Most of it is total B.S. He did say one thing that made sense, that the votes for the Iraq war have been strictly along party lines, which was a sure sign how dysfunctional the Senate is. Otherwise, it he had nothing to say except, more troops, more surge, etc.
It has been interesting to watch. Sen. Mikulski was eloquent and pointed out all the issues regarding how many times the Dems have tried to add the checks and balances to their roles as Senators, and their attempts to be watchdogs, and how they have been hamstrung by the Rethuglicans. Sen. Mary Landrieu was also eloquent.
Suffice it to say, it's boring TV worh watching. Sadly, most of the seats in the Senate are empty. Sen. Reid should get the Sgt. at Arms to bring everyone to the Senate for this debate. Somebody loan him some balls!


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