Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Had Enough About Alberto Yet?

If you can stand to read any more about the soon to be gone Attorney General, Andrew Cohen has an excellent 4 part column in his blog "Bench Conference". Part 1: Alberto Gonzales: A Winning Accessory at Justice, explains his background and ties to Bush. The most telling (and frightening) in this section is the answer he gave when asked to list his roll models. He said, "The three biggest influences of my life, in terms of maturing me as a person, were my mom, my dad and our President, who's given me some wonderful opportunities. I've learned a lot from him in the various roles that I've seen him in, as a father, and as a governor, and as a president." Yikes!!!
Part 2: Presidential Enabler, Part 3: The "Empty Suit" AG and the last, Part 4: The Case for Attorney General Patrick Fitzgerald, all make fascinating reading. I've heard a lot of people mentioned to take the AG position, Joe Lieberman for one, but Fitzgerald seems like to best to me. Unfortunately, we can count on Bush to choose the worst.


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