Saturday, October 13, 2007

A USAF Basic Training graduation

Our great nephew graduated from USAF basic training this weekend! We are so proud of him.
Here is a photo of our young man and his Mom and sister.

After 7 weeks of no junk food, Matt had a few bites of candy, ice cream sandwiches and assorted other junk food items. Then he and his bunk-mate Luke, whose parents could not come to his graduation came with us to Mi Tierra where they stuffed themselves some more! They were like eating machines, and a good time was had by all.

A picture of formation after the Airman's run on Thursday.

We took one of his bunk-mates along with us and got photos of him to share with his parents. It occurred to us that there is a need for airmen and women whose families can't attend their graduations to have someone get these photos for them. Since both of us work, we can't do this on a regular basis, but perhaps there is a way for others to volunteer to do this? Sort of like bringing a military member home for the holidays. Ideas anyone?


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