Saturday, June 07, 2008

Hillary's Magnificent Speech

As I began my day I looked forward to Hillary conceding so that our party could move forward. What I DID NOT foresee was how emotional I would become as she spoke about women and how far they have come. I began sobbing when she spoke of 80- and 90-year-old women who were born before women could vote. It really hurt my heart that many of them would die before they would ever have the opportunity to vote for a female again. I'm happy with the outcome of the primary season, but as a woman, I feel the pain of missed opportunities. But, as Hillary says, it's imperative to get a Democrat into the White House--and that's what we all should be focusing on now!


Blogger progressivegrannie said...

If only her followers had listened to her. The convention was quite contentious.

11:55 PM  

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