Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm a Conservative

Well, perhaps I should be specific here. I'm an environmental conservative. We've got just one earth, so knowing the repercussions are pretty stiff if we screw this one up, I'm pretty conservative on ruining it. Let's don't.

And truth be known, I'm also a fiscal conservative. By that I mean that I believe as a country we should try really hard to spend no more than we take in. I think there ought to be rare exceptions to that, but generally, that's how I run the family (although my wife likely maintains that she runs it), and it's worked pretty well for us. Other than the house and 2 cars, we have little debt.

Being a fiscal conservative, I was pretty amazed to run across this item. It's a simple snapshot of the last 4 Presidents' budgets. As you know, 3 of the last 4 were Republicans. Given that Republicans claim they're all about spending wisely, and that tax-and-spend Democrats can't be trusted to look after your money, imagine my surprise when the only President that seemed to care a lick about being prudent with your tax dollar...was a Democrat. Sure, there are extenuiating circumstances that shade the facts slightly. But bottom line is the Democratic budget is a more fiscally conservative one than a Republican one.

Please, give that site a look-see. Save it. And when your redneck Republican-to-the-core uncle goes into his big rant that you can't trust Democrats with your money--and you know that'll happen--forward him this article. It'll put a pin in his idiot ballon.


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Well done, well said.

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