Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Bush's speech tonight

While listening to the President's speech this evening there were many things that just ticked me off. I have learned, however, to listen to his speech with a piece of paper on which I develop a score card.
Here is the score from tonight's speech on the key words he used (without checking his transcript for accuracy)
Sept. 11 - 6
freedom/free - 25
terrorists/terror - 21
enemy - 8
security - 8
democracy - 7
difficult/hard 4
killers - 2
peace - 1
So, that means his speech was about what? Hmmmm...freedom, terrorists, enemy, security and democracy.But don't you forget about 9-11, as he again tried to tie Iraq to 9-11. They aren't related ! ! :thumbsdown:

Then, I began to notice the audience at Ft. Bragg. (I served at Ft. Bragg in the U.S. Army). When looking at the audience I noted that I had never saw so many white people in the Army in one place in my life. So I wonder, how did they handpick this audience? It appeared to be officers only, first of all, and there were very few minorities. After all African Americans make up 1/4 of the US Army population, but the audience for Bush's speech certainly did not reflect that.
So Bush again hand picks his audience...and of course soldiers must attend, must be attentive and must applaud, under orders. So, of course he has a responsive audience.
This audience at Ft. Bragg was a bit different. They have been deployed, they know about Iraq, and there was no spontaneous applause nor roaring ovation at the end of the speech. Notice that? These people know, they know....
Bush spoke many lies tonight. How can he say he supports the troops while cutting their healthcare benefits and not equipping them appropriately? Who pays for their costs to stay at Fisher Houses across this nation while they go back day after day for physical therapy and occupational therapy and other treatments? Nobody. It's about $50 per day to stay at Fisher House. On a private's pay that is alot. Bush and Co. are totally off base, and out of touch.
The speech was total B.S.!


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