Saturday, June 25, 2005

I was THIS close!

While in the Big Apple I decided I must see the heart of Air America Radio. I left my 46th street hotel and confidently walked to 6th Ave. Lo and behold I had to walk about 26 blocks before I finally came across 641 6th Ave.! When I walked into the lobby of the unassuming building, I asked the security guard if it was ok for me to be there. He told me that it was ok to be in the lobby, but he couldn't tell me what might happen when I went to the 4th floor, which housed Air America. I nervously went up in the elevator and walked out into the lobby of Air America. I told the young, disdainful receptionist that I had come all the way from Texas to just stand there. She looked at me like I was crazy and asked if I needed to see anyone. I asked her if I could see Randi Rhodes from a distance, and in her most disdainful voice she told me, "I don't think so." I asked if I could have a picture of her, and she handed me one. I told her I was ready to head back to Texas, and she looked at me like I really should be heading over to Bellevue! I didn't get to see Randi, but just to know I was in the same space as she was was enough for me. Boy, am I a goof or what!


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