Thursday, June 30, 2005

Curiouser and Curiouser about Cheney

Apparently Cheney really does have a heart, and it looks like he may really be having problems with it. Not that the White House is letting us know anything!
This is from Arianna's blog:
It’s Not the EKG; It’s the Cover-Up: Day Six
This story just keeps getting more bizarre. The latest twist my Vail sources are buzzing about is the chatter around town that Dr. Steadman, the top-flight orthopedist that Vice President Cheney was supposedly visiting when he was given the “12 lead EKG” his office has denied he had, was not even at the hospital at the time of Cheney’s visit. “He’s not normally at the hospital on Fridays,” a well-placed individual said of Steadman, “and this was not a previously scheduled visit.” The word is that everyone is too afraid to discuss these details -- even with each other, having been told that they’ll be federally prosecuted if they do.


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