Monday, October 22, 2007

Eleanor Roosevelt Dinner with Lou Dubose

Hi All,
We had a great time Saturday night at the annual Eleanor Roosevelt Dinner. Journalist Lou Dubose was the speaker, and his speech was about his new book that he co-wrote with Molly Ivins before she passed away earlier this year. It was obvious that Mr. Dubose misses her terribly and is quite sad that she has not been able to see recent triumphs against this government that has run amok. Here are some photos from the event.

Here are Daniel Boone and his wife with Lou Dubose

Lou is talking on the phone with his wife during his speech a la Rudy Guiliani. It was quite humorous to hear him assure her he wasn't talking to the NRA. He was instead trying to convince her he was talking to such a large crowd of liberals in such a conservative county.

Professional hams Jack and Natalie Morgan flank Lou Dubose.

Remember to purchase Lou's and Molly's newest book, Bill of Wrongs. It's out this Wednesday.


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