Saturday, June 07, 2008

2008 Democratic Convention in Austin

This is a quick post. I got home one hour ago from Austin, 0030 hrs (12:30 am), and I left before the at large delegates were announced. At 2115 hrs (9:15 pm) we were told it would be several more hours until the at large committee would be finished. Rep. Kirk Watson, was still in good humor at that hour, and kept the dwindling crowd's interest. That was when I decided that if I did not leave then, I would not have the energy or mental capacity to drive home to Boerne! If this post makes little sense, my apologies, I am exhausted, as are the rest of our delegation.

This was, by far, the most strenuous convention I have attended, both mentally and physically. More later on that....

Here are some photos:

Dinner the night before the convention

Check in....minus the line....we were done checking in

John Courage, our "fearless leader" for SD 25

Front row seats on the convention floor! That is Devin peaking out from behind the sign.

Rick Noriega

Chelsea Clinton

More later....

Most importantly here are the percentages from the convention, for preference:
Clinton 42.7%
Obama 57.3%


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