Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Al Gore speaks out

In a riveting and passionate speech, Al Gore spoke out against the Bush regime. Granted, the Repubs are spinning this mightly but it's like that Iowa farmer's invention that spins the water out of manure, the manure is still left behind. They can spin all they want, but some of us know that fascism is growing in DC, and what Bush wants is to be king. The unitary presidency idea sure allows him to believe, wrongly of course, that the law does not apply to him.

To quote a portion of Al Gore's speech:
"As we begin this new year, the Executive Branch of our government has been caught eavesdropping on huge numbers of American citizens and has brazenly declared that it has the unilateral right to continue without regard to the established law enacted by Congress to prevent such abuses.

It is imperative that respect for the rule of law be restored."

If you have not heard it, go to cspan.org; if you want to read it, go here


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