Thursday, June 30, 2005

Progressive movie afternoon

Progressive Movie afternoon house party sponsored in part by

Where: Tarasoff home
When: 11 Jul 02:00 PM

Movie to be announced. We are looking for a copy of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington at this time.

Host: progressivegrannie

Event URL:

Soda, ice tea and popcorn provided. If you prefer something else please bring it along.

Handicap accessible location.

Drudge is a Useful Idiot

Drudge is a huge pain in the ass, and he's a shameless gossip, but he at least gets me quickly to Molly Ivins' delicious columns! Here's a portion of her latest:
It is one thing for a political knife-fighter like Karl Rove to impugn the patriotism of people who disagree with him: We have seen this same crappy tactic before, just as we have seen administration officials use 9-11 for political purposes again and again. But how many times are the media going to let them get away with it?

The first furious assault on the patriotism of Democrats came right after the 9-11 commission learned President Bush had received a clear warning in August 2001 that Osama bin Laden was planning a hijacking.

Batten down the hatches: This is the beginning of an administration push to jack up public support for the war in Iraq by attacking anyone with enough sense to raise questions about how it's going.

From the Big Blue back to Little Red

Had a blast in New York City. Hey, if you haven't been there, you should know that it's a VERY big place. Lots of people. Huge buildings. The city goes on and on and on and on...

A few amusing points to note:
--I was watching a newscast on WCBS and Roz Abrams asked her co-anchor who was going to be on Letterman. He said Tim Robbins. "Oh great...he's one of my favorites!" she gushed. If I didn't know before, I knew then "buddy, you ain't in Texas anymore..."
--Sitting in a Greenwich Village Thai restaurant and having Hillary Swank walk by with her dog. --Having a subway faux pas wherein we had to go all the way to Harlem to get downtown from Midtown.
--Seeing summer-attired (think skimpily-clothed) women walking by Orthodox Jewish men.
--Hearing Robert F. Kennedy call George W. Bush a son-of-a-bitch.
What? You didn't hear about this? It was outstanding. I was at a convention and Kennedy was a keynoter. He'd been asked there to speak on his passion: the environment.
I can tell you this...he had no prompter, no notes, no nothing. He spoke from his heart for probably 40 minutes. And he got himself quite worked up over the environmental protection rollbacks/corporate polluter giveaways that GW Bush has been responsible for. He was talking about one of his favorite activities: taking his kids fishing. Unfortunately, every year when he gets his license, New York state gives him an inch-thick booklet detailing all the rivers and lakes, and fish that he shouldn't eat because of how much mercury and other chemcals there are in the water. Just after he referenced the polluted waters, the sonofabitch comment slipped out.
Since I figured there would be those who told the organization they were offended, when I saw the chairman of the organization, I told him that I appreciated Mr. Kennedy's speech. He told me that Kennedy had called from his car after he left and apologized. The chairman told him there was no need for an apology.
To those of you offended by such talk, please accept my apoligies.
On second thought, never mind. I apologize for nothing. Besides Bush being responsible for everything that Kennedy pointed out, he started that unnecessary war, within which tens of thousands have died. I understand he's our president, but there's no getting around it: he's everything Kennedy called him. And honestly folks, far worse.

Chimpeachment (I Stole it from Atrios)

Yeah, what Scooby says! Poor Chimpy McFlightsuit. All those lies on Tuesday night, and people STILL don't like him. What a waste of false sincerity!

Check out the latest Zogby poll numbers:

President Bush’s televised address to the nation produced no noticeable bounce in his approval numbers, with his job approval rating slipping a point from a week ago, to 43%, in the latest Zogby International poll. And, in a sign of continuing polarization, more than two-in-five voters (42%) say they would favor impeachment proceedings if it is found the President misled the nation about his reasons for going to war with Iraq.

The Zogby America survey of 905 likely voters, conducted from June 27 through 29, 2005, has a margin of error of +/-3.3 percentage points.

Just one week ago, President Bush’s job approval stood at a previous low of 44%—but it has now slipped another point to 43%, despite a speech to the nation intended to build support for the Administration and the ongoing Iraq War effort. The Zogby America survey includes calls made both before and after the President’s address, and the results show no discernible “bump” in his job approval, with voter approval of his job performance at 45% in the final day of polling.

Curiouser and Curiouser about Cheney

Apparently Cheney really does have a heart, and it looks like he may really be having problems with it. Not that the White House is letting us know anything!
This is from Arianna's blog:
It’s Not the EKG; It’s the Cover-Up: Day Six
This story just keeps getting more bizarre. The latest twist my Vail sources are buzzing about is the chatter around town that Dr. Steadman, the top-flight orthopedist that Vice President Cheney was supposedly visiting when he was given the “12 lead EKG” his office has denied he had, was not even at the hospital at the time of Cheney’s visit. “He’s not normally at the hospital on Fridays,” a well-placed individual said of Steadman, “and this was not a previously scheduled visit.” The word is that everyone is too afraid to discuss these details -- even with each other, having been told that they’ll be federally prosecuted if they do.

Dean's Take on Bush's "Policy" Speech

Here's the Hardball transcript of Howard Dean's interview with Chris Matthews.
Look, I make no excuse for terrorism. People who blow up women and children ought to have the full wrath of the United States down upon them. What I have a problem with is the bad judgment of this president and his administration in deciding how you can best fight terrorism.

You send troops over there. They don't have adequate body armor. They're still taking up collections to make sure they do have body armor. When the secretary of defense goes over there, he gets his Humvee flown in, and the guys over there don't have adequate protection
on the bottom of their Humvees.

This is not the way to run a war, and it's not the way to treat our soldiers.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Stephanie Miller -- After Hours

Stephanie Miller, one of the funniest, zaniest, progressive talk radio personalities, has finally archived her shows! If you've never heard of her, or never heard her, please go to her website and listen to the archives. I promise you you'll fall in love with her. She's my hero, and she's what keeps me from slitting my wrists. Instead, I'm splitting my sides! Have fun!

Social Security Surplus????

I read this and could not believe my eyes:

Surplus? What Surplus?

By Charlie Cook
Tuesday, June 28, 2005

For those of you who might have been on vacation or otherwise distracted last week, House Ways and Means Chairman Bill Thomas, R-Calif., and a number of other House Republicans proposed the creation of private investment accounts to be funded out of the Social Security surplus.

Hello, a Social Security surplus?

Last time I checked, President Bush had given an impassioned State of the Union speech trying to persuade Congress and the country that the Social Security system was headed toward insolvency.

Indeed, the debate wasn't about if Social Security was going to go belly-up, it was about when. Now Thomas and some of his fellow House Republicans want to fund a program out of the Social Security surplus?

Anyone who thinks that you can sell members of a typical Rotary or Kiwanis Club, or American Legion or VFW Post, or just about any other reasonably intelligent adult that there is enough of a Social Security surplus to buy a vente skim latte at Starbucks has been in Washington way too long. It boggles the mind to think that anyone believes that Republicans could sell this country the idea that there is a Social Security surplus.

Someone with massive long-term financial obligations but with a positive balance in checking and savings accounts does not necessarily have a surplus. A surplus is money over and above needs and obligations, and long-term Social Security obligations dwarf current and expected balances.

It goes without saying that there isn't an account in the U.S. Treasury where this money actually sits. And, it's true that the Social Security Trust Fund is used to make the deficit look smaller. But, what are they smoking at the Ways and Means Committee, and does the Drug Enforcement Administration know?

Like every other credible independent political analyst I know, I think it is very, very unlikely that Democrats can retake control of the House or Senate next year. Yes, I know it is a second-term, mid-term election, and that in five out of the six such "six-year-itch" elections, the party holding the White House incurred devastating losses. In fact, the average outcome in those six elections was a loss of 36 House and six Senate seats, enough to turn over control of both chambers if just an average outcome occurred.

But we keep reminding ourselves that the scarcity of vulnerable Republican seats in the House and Senate makes it almost impossible for the GOP to lose control.

Having said that, I don't think anyone has figured into the equation that Republicans would begin engaging in profoundly stupid and potentially suicidal actions that might prove us wrong and put them back into minority status.

There are two words that should give House Republicans pause before they take a leap aboard Thomas' proposal --- Rahm Emanuel. I am sure that Emanuel, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, is kind and loving to his wife and children and others in his immediate family.

But having known and watched the guy for almost 20 years, he does not strike me as an overly nice person. In fact, I'd lay odds that he would use a Louisville Slugger and treat like a piñata any Republican foolish enough to sign onto this thing. The murder scene in "Fargo" will look like patty-cake compared to what Emanuel will do to those guys.

It does not take a particularly creative mind to conjure up the television ads Democrats would air to harpoon the suggestion of a surplus. Some of the better ones would probably include Bush's own words warning of an impending Social Security crisis. Even the least creative media consultant could successfully handle this job.

Just because there does not appear to be enough vulnerable Republican seats for the GOP to lose control of the House does not mean the party is free to do whatever it wants without regard to electoral consequences. If a party tries hard enough, it can succeed in blowing its majorities. History holds many examples of this.

The thinking that led to this proposal is a consequence of having members in safe seats who have not met a swing voter in years. Don't get me wrong; Democrats have an equal share of members whose actions make one wonder what planet they live on.

That said, it should not come as a big surprise that drawing such safe districts means that it takes mind-boggling misbehavior to even draw a credible opponent. Add a campaign finance system that is so imbalanced that incumbents typically face opponents spending less than $50,000 for the entire cycle, and members become insulated from having to wonder what an average Joe or Jane Citizen would think about a given solution.

While there are a number of factors that have led to the paucity of competitive districts, this episode makes California Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's case for him -- recalibrating districts would help to recalibrate Congress. If there were fewer slam-dunk districts for each party, then each side would have to look over its shoulder a bit more.

As someone who loves to see competition and wants to see more hot congressional races, regardless of who ends up winning, I say bring it on!

Charlie Cook's "Off To The Races" is published each Tuesday by National Journal Group Inc. For more information about National Journal Group's publications, go to

Just do it, Cornyn! It won't hurt--I promise!

Here's an eloquent plea from Dallas Morning News' James Ragland for Sen. John Cornyn to step up and be an honorable man:
John Cornyn, it's time – past time – to do the right thing.

Do what our other Texas senator, Kay Bailey Hutchison, did – join the overwhelming majority of senators co-sponsoring an apology for Congress' failure to outlaw lynching decades ago.

Sure, it may be just a symbolic gesture at this point, but it's the back-straightening political symbolism we need to help heal a nation that has long suffered from racial animosity.

At its worst, our nation stood coldly by, shamefully really, and watched savage vigilantes and brutal mobs take injustice into their own hands by lynching people, most of whom were black.

An NAACP study found 4,742 lynchings in 43 states from 1882 to 1968. Mr. Cornyn, our great state of Texas ranked third with 493.


Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Speeches on Downing Street memo

Several Democratic congressmembers, led by ranking House Judiciary member John Conyers (D-MI), have opted to move planned Downing Street memo-related speeches on the House floor Tuesday evening to Thursday, RAW STORY has learned.

The handful of members were forced to delay their plans after the Republican leadership scheduled several late-night votes, Conyers press secretary Dena Graziano told RAW STORY. They now plan speeches Thursday evening, though they could be thwarted again if votes are scheduled or Congress is adjourned.

Among those who have expressed interest in speaking are Democratic Reps. John Conyers, Sheila Jackson Lee, Maxine Waters, Barbara Lee, John Lewis, Jay Inslee, Julia Carson, Louise Slaughter, Major Owens and Barney Frank, aides say.

Bush's speech tonight

While listening to the President's speech this evening there were many things that just ticked me off. I have learned, however, to listen to his speech with a piece of paper on which I develop a score card.
Here is the score from tonight's speech on the key words he used (without checking his transcript for accuracy)
Sept. 11 - 6
freedom/free - 25
terrorists/terror - 21
enemy - 8
security - 8
democracy - 7
difficult/hard 4
killers - 2
peace - 1
So, that means his speech was about what? Hmmmm...freedom, terrorists, enemy, security and democracy.But don't you forget about 9-11, as he again tried to tie Iraq to 9-11. They aren't related ! ! :thumbsdown:

Then, I began to notice the audience at Ft. Bragg. (I served at Ft. Bragg in the U.S. Army). When looking at the audience I noted that I had never saw so many white people in the Army in one place in my life. So I wonder, how did they handpick this audience? It appeared to be officers only, first of all, and there were very few minorities. After all African Americans make up 1/4 of the US Army population, but the audience for Bush's speech certainly did not reflect that.
So Bush again hand picks his audience...and of course soldiers must attend, must be attentive and must applaud, under orders. So, of course he has a responsive audience.
This audience at Ft. Bragg was a bit different. They have been deployed, they know about Iraq, and there was no spontaneous applause nor roaring ovation at the end of the speech. Notice that? These people know, they know....
Bush spoke many lies tonight. How can he say he supports the troops while cutting their healthcare benefits and not equipping them appropriately? Who pays for their costs to stay at Fisher Houses across this nation while they go back day after day for physical therapy and occupational therapy and other treatments? Nobody. It's about $50 per day to stay at Fisher House. On a private's pay that is alot. Bush and Co. are totally off base, and out of touch.
The speech was total B.S.!

Monday, June 27, 2005

Congressman Putnam, wrong!

Meet Congressman Adam Putnam

Florida Congressman Adam Putnam's [R] misreprsentation of a voice vote during the hearings of
United Airline's default on their pensioners, thus leaving the American tax-payers to foot the bill. audio available here

Listen to the audio and you can hear Congressman Putnam over turn a yes vote. He said the no's had it. WRONG!

If this does not send chills down your spine, you must be numb, or stupid. Our country is really going to heck in a handbasket.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Bush won't spell out time table

To quote the Prez: "I'm not giving up on the mission. We're doing the right thing." Well, if he is so absolutely confident that we are doing the right thing, perhaps he should encourage his unemployed daughters to enlist in the Army. They can help do the thing that their daddy thinks is so right.

New bills for Texas education getting nowhere

Dysfunctional Texas politics at its best:
the link

"Texas lawmakers began to reassemble the broken pieces of school finance and tax reform Wednesday largely by crafting bills similar to ones that crumbled in disagreement last month.

"We could very well have a train wreck," said Rep. Al Edwards, D-Houston, House Ways and Means Committee member.

The committee is pushing the same tax bill that the Senate refused to swallow last month."

"I am optimistic, Pollyanna, I guess, because we have come a long way," Senate Education Chairwoman Florence Shapiro, R-Plano, said.

"Today our funding system ties all schools together," Sen. Todd Staples, R-Palestine, said. "The problem I see with (the House plan) it is that we are creating two classes."

Or, as Van de Putte described it: "The big dogs are getting real fat under the House version."

Rep. Mike Villarreal, D-San Antonio, Ways and Means vice chairman, said he is concerned with the proposed tax reform measure. "I came here to fund excellence in schools, and this bill does not do that," he said.

Perry's plan helps rich at others' expense
A Chronicle analysis shows wealthy would save, but renters would pay more. Gov. Rick Perry's plan for property tax relief would provide a windfall for the wealthiest families in Texas, but for lower-income renters the governor's plan would be a financial drain on the family budget, a Houston Chronicle analysis showed. And after more than a year of legislative wrangling over property tax relief, the tax savings for the median family in Texas would amount to about $150 a year under Perry's plan — a savings of about $12.75 a month.

The real winner of the school property tax cuts would be business, which pays about 54 percent of all the school property taxes in Texas."

The reality of the situation, IMHO, teachers and poor school districts will lose. The poor will pay the brunt of the cost and no real improvement will be made in our schools. What we need is a state income tax to get our schools improved.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

I was THIS close!

While in the Big Apple I decided I must see the heart of Air America Radio. I left my 46th street hotel and confidently walked to 6th Ave. Lo and behold I had to walk about 26 blocks before I finally came across 641 6th Ave.! When I walked into the lobby of the unassuming building, I asked the security guard if it was ok for me to be there. He told me that it was ok to be in the lobby, but he couldn't tell me what might happen when I went to the 4th floor, which housed Air America. I nervously went up in the elevator and walked out into the lobby of Air America. I told the young, disdainful receptionist that I had come all the way from Texas to just stand there. She looked at me like I was crazy and asked if I needed to see anyone. I asked her if I could see Randi Rhodes from a distance, and in her most disdainful voice she told me, "I don't think so." I asked if I could have a picture of her, and she handed me one. I told her I was ready to head back to Texas, and she looked at me like I really should be heading over to Bellevue! I didn't get to see Randi, but just to know I was in the same space as she was was enough for me. Boy, am I a goof or what!

Friday, June 24, 2005

Get involved in local politics

Ok, this is our 33rd wedding anniversary and here I am blogging. Why? Because Karl Rove and Co. totally pissed me off. Then there was the whining caller on the Randi Rhodes show, who whined about where our country was going, but did not understand the fact that the only way to make change is to work for it.
So my friends, work for change. To quote Howard Dean, "run for office, if you can't run for office, help someone else run for office." Get out there and get busy, 2006 mid term elections are not far off.
Help John Courage and David Van Os, or run yourself. Don't know how to set up a campaign? Ask me. I just attended root camp at Democracy Fest and will be glad to share what I learned.

A Poignant Picture in the Big Apple

Today we finally got brave enough to go to the site of the 9/11 tragedy. I wasn't able to look at the names, but while staying in New Jersey with friends we visited a monument made of the twisted metal from the site. There was a handwritten note from a child to his daddy that he would never see again. My little Dem and I shed a tear or two. It disgusts me what Karl Rove said, and being here in person makes his comments all the more despicable. We were all Americans that day, we were actually a united country, and he dares to sling mud in our direction. He is an evil, evil person who needs to go away very soon. See you soon my friendly Dems.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Go Spurs Go!

A nail biter of a series, but the Spurs won, hurrah! All of San Antonio is out celebrating. My daughter's neighborhood is shooting off fireworks. The media has never seen the Spurs as their darling because they are too "nice." Well, let's here it for "nice."

From the Big Apple

VTex and I are having a good time in the Big Apple this week. I can't believe I have hardly seen any news while we've been here. I did see the Faux News studios and took a picture for evidence that they're not just an ugly rumor! Our little Dem has commented several times that she wishes Texas could be as tolerant as New York. She has seen and interacted with people from all over the world, and lo and behold, nothing horrible has happened to her! Take care, my fellow Dems. See you when we get back!

Monday, June 20, 2005

Good News out of Florida

I found this poll on MyDD. Remember Harris, the Bush-butt kissing Secretary of State? Looks like she's not doing so good, so far.

FL Senate: Nelson opens wide lead over Harris
by Jerome Armstrong

This is terrific news for Nelson in Florida, and for Republicans, a nightmare, as Harris might drag down their whole Florida ticket in 2006 (from RollCall, the Mason Dixon poll):

Total Favorable Unfavorable

53 44 10

36 32 30

Harris looks toxic. At least she'll suck up a lot of wingnuttery money.

It's Now a Game of Chicken

Bush has made the appointment of Bolton his mission over all else in the entire world! He would rather die than admit that Bolton is a lousy choice.

Bush is beginning to look ever weaker in his relationship with Congress. Hmmm. Maybe he'll start trying a little harder to compromise and make wiser decisions?...Naahhh!

Saturday, June 18, 2005

That Crazy Kooky Prez does it again!

This is a quote from his weekly radio address:
"Some may disagree with my decision to remove Saddam Hussein from power, but all of us can agree that the world's terrorists have now made Iraq a central front in the war on terror."

That would be really funny if it weren't so damned ironic. Mr. Prez, how come they're all in Iraq. You got any ideas about that? Huh?

Thanks to the comment poster on AmericaBlog for bringing that to our attention!

The Eye of Newt is Upon Durbin!

I don't know why I keep being by galled at the audacity, shamelessness, and hypocrisy of this party! Newt wants Durbin censured? OMG.

A president who is responsible for thousands of deaths? DeLay? Frist? And Durbin should be censured for making an overly dramatic statement? Are you kidding me??!!
“Senator Richard Durbin has dishonored the United States and the entire U.S. Senate. Only by a vote to censure Senator Durbin for his conduct can the U.S. Senate restore its dignity and defend American honor,” Gingrich wrote.

He added, “It’s one thing for one Senator to endanger young Americans and defame America; it would the shame of the Senate if the other 99 Senators did not stand up to defend America and to defend the reputation of our young men and women in uniform.”

Gingrich called Senator Durbin’s comparison “despicable.”

Friday, June 17, 2005

Friday Night Critter Blogging

Polo the Forward Thinking Pony says, "Stop horsing around. Take action and take charge! We must take back our country!"

An Invaluable Tool for us!

I keep forgetting to tell y'all about Crooks and Liars. It's a great place to go and find video or audio of that day's Republican gaffes. Today I watched a Jon Stewart clip that was hilariously on target, and I also watched Tim Russert weighing in on the Downing Street Memo. Give it a look-see.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

A Proud Day for Democrats!

Go here for a visual of Conyers' delivery of the letter signed by .5 million Americans, to the White House. I sure wish we could all have been there!

The Latest Puffy McMoon Face Outrage

The White House doesn't listen to ANYONE who didn't vote the right way on Iraq. What a bunch of malarkey!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Joe Conason Bitch Slaps Edward Klein

The Clintons will forever be the most written about presidential couple. It's too bad that most of it is untrue or so sensationalistic that it doesn't merit discussion.
Joe Conason's column lets the latest trash distributor really have it!
Only the latest in an ever-expanding catalog of bad books claiming to tell us the "truth" about the former First Lady and potential Presidential candidate, Mr. Klein’s poisonous invention reveals far more about its author—and its publisher—than about Mrs. Clinton.
Even the most fanatical Hillary-haters will be disappointed if they’re expecting to wallow in fresh sewage. Almost all of this crud floated through the pipeline long ago.

Photo is of Joe Conason.

Flag Burning a Burning Issue?

AmericaBlog has a great commentary on this issue! In these troubling times, this is what they're dealing with?

Conyers' Downing Street Hearing in the Capitol Basement?

Don't know if you've been keeping up with this story, but the Conyers Hearing had to move to the DNC because they weren't allowed to have a room in the Capitol! Well, they finally are moving back to the Capitol for tomorrow's hearing, but it'll be in a tiny room in the basement! Can you believe it? Our country is in TROUBLE!

The Schiavo Results Are In...But, So What?

The medical examiner has released the results of Terri Schiavo's autopsy, and it is exactly as the medical experts said. She was brain dead, had no chance of recovery, she was blind, and she had not been abused. But so what? The right-wing wackos have actually been able to spin it to suit their cause.

From Puffy McMoon Face:

Q So the staff has told him about that? Does the autopsy findings affect in any way the administration's view on this issue and the federal government's role in these kinds of cases?

MR. McCLELLAN: Yes, I think Dick was asking that question earlier and I indicated, no, it doesn't change the position that the President took. The President took the position he did for a reason. The President believes we should stand on the side of defending and protecting life. That's why he stood with all those who supported efforts to defend her life. This is a sad case. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with her family and friends.

Q So if and when another case like this comes up, he would take the same --

MR. McCLELLAN: I think you're asking a hypothetical at this point. But the President --

Q That's not hypothetical; there's cases like this all the time.

MR. McCLELLAN: Well, let me respond. The President is always going to stand on the side of protecting and defending life, and that's what he did in this case.

If y'all can stand to watch Fox News tonight without vomiting, you'll see just how they continue with their idiocy!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

He'll never hear it, but....

When the moms get mad, watch out! Look what happened when the 9/11 families had had enough.
Bush will never hear his critics, but we're all listening!

Monday, June 13, 2005

Gays should wear warning labels, a Christian lobby leader notes

According to, the leader of a conservative Christian lobby group appears to suggest that gays should be required to wear warning labels, although he denies that was his intention.

However, here is the quote from Rev. Bill Banuchi:
"We put warning labels on cigarette packs because we know that smoking takes one to two years off the average life span, yet we 'celebrate' a lifestyle that we know spreads every kind of sexually transmitted disease and takes at least 20 years off the average life span according to the 2005 issue of the revered scientific journal Psychological Reports," Rev. Bill Banuchi, executive director of the New York Christian Coalition told the Mid Hudson News.

Despite using the analogy of cigarette labels, Banuchi tells that he is not advocating gays specifically be labeled. Banuchi also alleges that he has received hate mail since his remarks were published. The issue of labels is particularly sensitive to gays. In Nazi Germany they were forced to wear the pink triangle to differentiate them from other internees at concentration camps."

Speaking of sexually transmitted diseases, why is it that the only place I have ever seen miles and miles of billboards advertising sex shops and nudie dancers was in the Bible belt, specifically Arkansas, Alabama and Georgia. You don't get STD's from those kind of places? Oh...wait, they only "look." Yeah that works about as well as teaching abstinence! Hypocrites all of them.

A Compendium of Pure Evil

I debated whether to put a link to such a large concentration of hatred in one place, but then I realized it might wake up some of us and make us realize these people are LEADERS in America and people are LISTENING to them!

Thanks, Mrs. Brilliant, for arming us with this info, as we fight against such appeals to our basest, most primal urges.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Juggernaut Dean rolls on!

I love this man! He basically tells Fox News and Dick Cheney to go pleasure themselves.
June 12, 2005 — Still going strong after a week of controversy over some provocative remarks, Democratic Party chairman Howard Dean was in Chicago Sunday afternoon. The former presidential candidate kicked-off the Rainbow-PUSH coalition's annual conference.

Howard Dean sparred with reporters and drew laughs from the audience, even while he is earning criticism from "some" in his own party for doing something increasingly uncommon in politics... shooting from the hip.

"Congressman Jackson doesn't have to speak for me -- but the truth is you don't get to speak for me either," said Howard Dean, Democratic National Committee Chairman.

Dean was blasting a reporter for trying to pin him down on his position on the extension of the voting rights act.

Darth Vader--I mean Dick Cheney--sets his sights on Dean

The current "let's laugh Dean out of office" campaign by Republicans is cynical beyond what one would expect, even from them.

In case you've been living in a cave the last few months, Howard Dean now runs the Democratic National Committee. He's not minced words when citing his distaste for the direction Republicans have guided ( and I use that term loosely) this country in the last several years. Because of that, he has raised the hackles of Republicans.

Or is it that simple?

Fundraising: Despite flawed comparisons by right-wingers, Dean's raised more money than any predecessor. Regrettably, that's one of the position's primary functions.

Public Relations: The Republicans would have you believe he's a walking talking disaster. Common sense will tell you that walking, talking disasters don't outpace all predecessors in fund-raising.

Here's what's really happening: Dean's determination and willingness to speak the truth--even if the Republicans scream like stuck pigs--plus his not backing away from his words, is exactly what we need. If he continues, Republicans will begin to see what many of us already know: Dean is what Democrats need to overcome 8 years' worth of namby-pamby Presidential candidates.

The Republicans realize that Dean's got the policy wonk intelligence of Clinton, but also an unwavering confidence in his beliefs. That combination makes him extremely dangerous to Republicans. So what do they do? They do this.Vice President Cheney goes on the attack. While you'd expect an attack, you'd at least expect an attack which wasn't provably stupid. I mean just s-t-u-p-i-d.

Cheney: "I've never been able to understand his appeal. Maybe his mother loved him, but I've never met anybody who does. He's never won anything, as best I can tell."

Besides the bizarre tactic of dragging Dean's mother into it, Dean was quite popular in Vermont, and his campaign attracted millions of Americans. And then there's the quote about Dean never having won anything. Perhaps it escaped Cheney's attention that Dean won five Gubenatorial races in Vermont. And then there's his winning of the chairmanship of the Democratic party, after his catastrophic defeat in the primaries. Most pundits thought his political career was dead and buried after that.

But then this idiotic statement about Dean follows: "That's not the kind of individual you want to have representing your political party."

Perhaps he would prefer someone running the party like...say Tom DeLay. Ol' Tom's been the subject of three ethics investigations. He exploited the Terry Schiavo case for political gain. He's taken junket after junket after junket on the tab of companies who stood to profit from legislation before the house.

In fact, Cheney probably would prefer someone like Tom DeLay to run the Democratic party. If he were corrupt he'd be a much easier target.

But while Dean is clearly the target of the Republican slime machine, he's not an easy one. Here's what he said in Iowa:

"We need to be blunt and clear about the things we're going to fight for. I'm tired of lying down in front of the Republican machine. We need to stand up for what we believe in."

Now that's how we're going to beat the Republicans. Standing up for our beliefs, and not backing down when the fecal matter starts flying.

I Can't Believe My Eyes!

This administration's idiocy is actually the main story? You better go there quickly, or it may just disappear!

The WOAI Online Poll That Wouldn't Die!

I guess since they didn't like the results they were getting they decided to keep up the question of whether Dean should step down, until they DO get the desired results! Please go to their site and vote again! We'll show them we have more fortitude than they!

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Ok, not as important as real news, but

The Brawnyman paper towel ads drive me crazy. Who cares if the Brawny paper towel man is sexy and cleans the kitchen? I don't. It is not sexy if a man cleans up behind himself, it's just plain considerate. Remember manners? We all should clean up behind ourselves and not wait for the sexy Brawnyman. Gag. So, if the ad drives you as crazy as it does me,
tell the company

Show your (non-monied) support for Dean!

Click on this link and sign your name on a petition showing our support for Dean. I promise you, it feels good!

The Tyrannical Majority Roars Again

We must expose this latest abuse of power by any means we can. Click on the Randi Rhodes link that has Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee's interview by going to this website. It's a horrifying story.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Friday Night Critter Blogging

Earlier today, Riley the Progressive Pooch was very sad about the state of affairs in our country. But then....

we told Riley about the president's numbers tanking, our support of Howard Dean, and how we're going to take back our country! Just look at that optimism in his little liberal face!

Your President is a Liar

I apologize for that kind of talk, but Bush has earned it.
I am mad as hell. I'm spittin' mad. I'm beside myself. I'm so beside myself that I'm looking over at myself thinking, "man, you need to lose some weight." (I try to humor myself when I'm this angry.)

How else can I put this? Here's the deal: When Bush ran for President in 2000, he said that he was concerned with Global Warming, but that it needed more study to determine if in fact existed. As the studies keep piling up, Bush continues to dance around actually admitting that the phenomenon is real, or that we should be doing anything about it.
But as much as that's reason to be angry, that's not what I'm mad about. No, your President has done something far more shameful than that. What your President did is to hire Philip Cooney to take Scientific reports and water them down. If they sounded conclusive about Global Warming, he made them far less conclusive. If the findings sounded dire, he made them sound less dire.
You're wondering what kind of a bought-n-paid-for scientist would threaten his credibility by such behavior? A scientist didn't. Philip Cooney was a lobbyist for the oil industry "once led the oil industry's fight against limits on greenhouse gases." This article goes into more detail about the shameful person who your President employed to alter scientific documents to change the tone. This allowed Bush to continue skating for several more years because the evidence wasn't conclusive. In fact, just this week in a press conference with Tony Blair, Bush called for more study.
What, pray tell, has he been doing over the last five years? it's one thing to be catty and deceptive and maybe even employ someone to water down scientific reports. But what, in the final analysis, is the upshot here? Bush is mortgaging your kids' future. He's not interested in scientific reports which tell him what he doesn't want to hear (kind of like the intelligence reports which didn't suggest WMD).
This man is beyond shameful. He doesn't so much deserve impeachment as imprisonment.
And the liberal media: where are they in all this?

Let's Take Back America!

Hey folks, the Kendallian has become an active member of a grassroots fundraising effort to show our support of the DNC, and more especially Howard Dean. Please just click on the first link over on the right of the screen to find out more.

I just donated my little pittance, and you can too, for as little as $10! Give it a shot, and know that you're doing your part to take back our country!

Repeat this Mantra...Repeat this Mantra

I know it's hard for us critical thinking Democrats to mindlessly repeat phrases and talking points, but I think we should give it a shot in this instance!
The Increasingly Unpopular President

By Dan Froomkin
Special to
Friday, June 10, 2005; 12:57 PM

When President Bush says "polls go up, and polls go down," he's about half right.

Two new public-opinion surveys show Bush's poll numbers are dropping into solidly negative territory.

In the just-out Associated Press/Ipsos poll , Bush's job approval ratings and the public's confidence in the direction he's taking the nation are both at their lowest levels ever.

A whopping 55 percent of those polled actually disapprove of the job he's doing, compared to 43 percent who approve.

So, here's your homework. Everytime you refer to the president (and you don't want to use 4-letter words), preface it by saying "The Increasingly Unpopular President."
Let's do a little framing of our own!

Lest we forget

Yup, there's more distressing news than the missing white girl in Aruba:

Roadside Bomb Kills Five Marines in Iraq

Jun 10, 1:12 PM (ET)

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - Five U.S. Marines were killed by a roadside bomb in western Iraq, the military said Friday.

The Marines were killed Thursday while conducting combat operations near the volatile Anbar province town of Haqlaniyah, 90 miles northwest of Baghdad.

The Marines were assigned to the 2nd Marine Division's Regimental Combat Team 2. Their identities were not released.

At least 1,689 U.S. military members have died since the Iraq war began in March 2003, according to an Associated Press count.

Maybe because they're administration mouthpieces?

Gallup: Public Confidence in Newspapers, TV News Falls to All-Time Low

By E&P Staff

Published: June 10, 2005 11:00 AM ET

NEW YORK Public trust in newspapers and television news continued to decline in Gallup's annual survey of "public confidence in major institutions" in the United States, reaching an all-time low this year.

Those having a "great deal" or "quite a lot" of confidence in newspapers dipped from 30% to 28% in one year, the same total for television. The previous low for newspapers was 29% in 1994. Since 2000, confidence in newspapers has declined from 37% to 28%, and TV from 36% to 28%, according to the poll.

However, some other institutions fared far worse this year, suggesting a broad level of distrust, cynicism or malaise.

WOAI's Latest Biased Poll Question

Please, please, please go to WOAI's website and vote in the poll. The Dems and Howard Dean need all the support they can get.
Thank you. We CAN make a difference!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

A Fox Bobblehead Becomes Unhinged!

I LOVE making fun of Fox, and I LOVE the fact that they keep giving me reason to! This story is too funny for words (at least 4-letter words)!
Here's a tantalizing snippet:
As they raced down the hall outside the austere Senate chamber, we're told that Wilson displayed an impressive knowledge of four-letter words, and was incredulous that he would either not be recognized without proper ID or would be called out on being completely one-sided and working from GOP talking points.

For the complete story, click on the link above.

Thursdays's Awaken the Mainstream Media

Here's today's list of media contacts for you to write or call regarding their reporting of the Downing Street Memo:

(A) Knight Ridder, Washington Bureau Chief John Walcott. email:

(B) Boston Globe, Ombudsman Christine Chinlund. email: phone: 617-929-3020 (or 3022, to leave a message)

(C) Houston Chronicle, Reader Representative James T. Campbell. email: phone: 713-220-6303

Dean is Da Man!

Don't let the slimy Republicans and squeamish Democrats try to convince you that Dean is not representing our party! He's speaking the truth, and it's about time someone did it! This is not the time for us to be soft and conciliatory. This is OUR COUNTRY we're fighting for! Come on, fellow Dems, let's support Dean in any way we can...because he IS supporting us!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Wednesday's Awaken the Mainstream Media

Email these folks and continue pushing them to report on the Downing Street Minutes.

DailyKos never did post addresses yesterday, but here they are for today:

A) National Public Radio, Ombudsman Jeff Dvorkin. email: phone: 202-513-2000 fax: 202-513-3329

(B) Philadelphia Inquirer, Deputy Managing Editor/News Carl Lavin. email: phone: 215-854-4562
OR National News Editor Ned Warwick. email:

(C) ABC World News Tonight. email: phone: 212-456-4040 fax: 212-456-2795

Monday, June 06, 2005

Awww....No one wants to play with Bill O'Lie-ly

This is so frickin' hilarious! Please click this link for a good laugh.

4th Day of Awaken the Mainstream Media

Sorry about the lateness of the post. I tried earlier to find the contact information, but DailyKos was down. So, here they are. Let 'em know how you feel about the current reporting of the Downing Street Memo!

(A) CBS, 60 Minutes. email: phone: 212-975-3247

(B) Newsweek. email: attn: National Affairs Editor phone: 212-445-4000 fax: 212-445-5068

(C) Chicago Tribune; Don Wycliff, Public Editor. email: phone: 800-874-2863 fax: 312-222-2550

A Tough-Tawkin' Tootsie!

I like this gal!

Hillary lets Georgie have it, and she doesn't sugar-coat it.
Senator Hillary Clinton castigated President Bush and Washington Republicans today as mad with power and bent on marginalizing Democrats during a speech to 1,000 supporters at her first major re-election fund-raiser, which netted about $250,000.

Mrs. Clinton, who is running for a second term in 2006 and is widely described as a possible Democratic nominee for the presidency in 2008, said that her party is hamstrung because Republicans dissemble and smear without shame and the news media has lost its investigatory zeal for exposing misdeeds.

Left unchallenged, especially if Democrats fail to pick up seats in next year's Congressional elections, she said, Republican leaders could ram through extremist conservative judges, wreck Social Security and make unacceptable concessions to China, Saudi Arabia and other nations that are needed to finance the United States budget deficit.

"There has never been an administration, I don't believe in our history, more intent upon consolidating and abusing power to further their own agenda," Mrs. Clinton told the audience at a "Women for Hillary" gathering in Midtown Manhattan this morning.

"I know it's frustrating for many of you; it's frustrating for me: Why can't the Democrats do more to stop them?" she continued to growing applause and cheers. "I can tell you this: It's very hard to stop people who have no shame about what they're doing. It is very hard to tell people that they are making decisions that will undermine our checks and balances and constitutional system of government who don't care. It is very hard to stop people who have never been acquainted with the truth."

Sunday, June 05, 2005

No Weenies Allowed!

Once again, our own Dem leaders have attacked the words of Howard Dean. It galls me to read that they think Dean doesn't represent the party. I beg to differ! I think he is the voice of millions of angry Americans who are tired of being kicked around by right-wing bullies. I've written to Sen. Biden and expressed my dismay. You can also contact him and tell him how you feel.

Running the gamut of mendacity to ignominy

Don't you just love it! When Newsweek supposedly caused the Muslim world to run amok, the administration and its zombie followers screamed in hollow outrage and phony dismay. Now that it looks like Newsweek wasn't so far off the mark, the nut jobs are downplaying the damage done to Qurans. Once again, they're showing how, yes, you CAN have it both ways!
On Saturday, a day after the Pentagon described a series of cases of U.S. personnel mishandling the Quran, the White House downplayed the issue.

"It is unfortunate that some have chosen to take out of context a few isolated incidents by a few individuals," presidential spokesman Scott McClellan said in a statement.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Rush Limbaugh is truly an idiot!

Rush stated:
From the June 2 edition of The Rush Limbaugh Show:

LIMBAUGH: The two to three big opportunities so far mentioned by Howard Dean -- pension portability and changes to election laws. ... So portability of pensions. What's the second one? Oh, yeah, Election Day a holiday. And well, you know -- I don't know why they need to do that. Most of their voters don't work anyway, so I don't know how that's going to help them that much. At least in a percentage basis.

Ok Rush, now I know that you are totally disconnected from reality. Have some more Vicodin, idiot.

Day 3 of Awaken the Mainstream Media

Here are today's media outlets to write to or call:

(A) ABC Nightline. email:

(B) NBC News. email: phone: 212-664-4971 fax: 212-664-4426

(C) Wall Street Journal. email: phone: 212-416-2000 fax: 212-416-2658

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Bushworld according to Molly

She relates a horrendous story in such a clever, witty way. It's too bad that the story is still really scary at the end of her column!
As a longtime fan of both George Bushes' eccentric grasp of English, I naturally enjoyed this gem from W.: "See, in my line of work, you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda." (Bush in Greece, N.Y., May 24, once more explaining his Social Security plan to a town hall meeting of perfectly average citizens, except they had all been pre-screened to allow only those who agree with him into the hall.)

"Catapulting the propaganda" would explain his performance at the press opportunity that same day at which he appeared surrounded by babies born from frozen embryos. He used the phrase "culture of life" at least 27 dozen times (I think I exaggerate, but maybe not). "The use of federal dollars to destroy life is something I simply do not support," he said to the press the following day.

Meanwhile, back in Baghdad, federal dollars are being used to destroy life at pretty good clip because Bush decided to wage an entirely elective war against a country that presented little or no threat to us. And according to the Downing Street memo, he damn well knew it, too.

The destruction of life in Iraq is more dramatic than taking a blastocyst smaller than a pinpoint out of a petri dish. The 1,600 American dead so far -- not much culture of life there. The 15,000 wounded, many of them irreparably -- not so good there, either. Estimates of Iraqi civilian deaths are all over the lot -- a British medical journal claimed 100,000 last year, the Iraq Body Count website says between 21,000 and 25,000. The U.S./U.N. sanctions are widely believed to have killed hundreds of thousands, most of them babies, even after the Oil for Food Program was instituted.

Air America on KRPT?

Not sure what this means:

Akron, OH - WJMP 1520 AM

Ann Arbor, MI - WLBY 1290 AM

Austin, TX - KOKE 1600 AM

Chicago, IL - WCPT 850 AM

Cincinnati, OH - WCKY 1530 AM

Cleveland, OH - WTAM 1100 AM

Columbus, OH - WTPG 1230 AM

Corpus Christi, TX - KCCT 1150 AM

Dallas, TX - KXEB 910 AM

Davenport, IA - WKBF 1270 AM

Detroit, MI - WDTW 1310 AM

Madison, WI - WXXM 92.1 FM

Memphis, TN - WWTQ 680 AM

Minneapolis, MN - KTNF 950 AM

Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN - WWWI 1270 AM

Petoskey, MI - WWKK 750 AM

San Antonio, TX - KRPT 92.5 FM

Youngstown, OH - WANR 'The Pulse' 1570 AM

Day 2 of Awaken the Mainstream Media

I haven't gotten my system down yet for posting the day's contacts. Each weekday of this month, I'll be visiting DailyKos to get three media contacts in order for all of us to write to them about the reporting on the Downing Street Memo. Go to this link for today's list.

Give 'em hell, Howard!

I wonder if we can get him to come talk at OUR meeting. Hmmm.
Democratic Party chairman Howard Dean told liberal activists Thursday they have an extraordinary opportunity to provide an alternative to the country after more than four years of the "dark, difficult and dishonest vision the Republican Party offers for America."

Dean told the annual meeting of the Campaign for America's Future that a big problem facing the country is "the belief that propaganda and manipulation will succeed in America. I think it will not."

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Out on Top!

Hey Everybody!!! Let's Wake 'em Up!

This idea from DailyKos is a really good one! Let's try and give these guys a hand! Ok, start strengthening those email fingers, or if you're interested, start gearing up the speech you'll make when you call!

PLEASE click on the link above for all the info!